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Personal Filofax Planner Weekly Spreads

      Just a short post today for you featuring the last fortnight of planner spreads.

     First up, the week of March 6th – 12th:

     I finished off this sticker kit I had of green, pink, yellow and grey – some nice spring colours!

     And this was my spread from last week:

     The week of St. Patrick’s Day – I bet you expected me to produce a green spread! I didn’t even think about it. I just felt it was time for some yellow and grey in planner as the previous few weeks had featured colourful floral spreads. I do like seeing sticker kits featuring grey. Grey is actually one of my favourite colours! Seriously! Especially as every colour goes with grey. If anyone knows of good sticker kits that have grey in them, let me know!

     Actually, with that yellow and grey spread above, I didn’t use as many stickers as I usually would – less than half the sticker sheet. It was nice to make a simple spread like that as I do think I’ve been quite sticker heavy the last few weeks.

     Anyway, those are my planner spreads! Apologies for this post being a little short and uninteresting – been getting headaches a lot this last week so it’s hard to focus on writing blog posts.

8 thoughts on “Personal Filofax Planner Weekly Spreads

  1. You are so wonderfully organized! I love it! I am just getting into planning and am a bit overwhelmed but you offer inspiration. Thank you! I have always had a day planner but rarely followed through with it. This whole new planning system seems so much more interesting and has a lot more to keep going. I love your posts and thanks again for offering inspiration!

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    1. ^-^ Thank you! So glad I’ve been able to provide some inspiration! The planner world can seem a bit overwhelming when you first start – just seeing all those lovely pictures of planner on instagram, it can be hard to know where to start! It’s best to take things slowly and just try a few things at a time, working on what styles suit your own lifestyle. After all, the planner should fit your life, you shouldn’t be fitting your life to planner! xD

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  2. You are SO organised. I love it, I admire it, and I wish I could be it. lol. But you have inspired me to try and be a little more like you and have a kind of schedule, AND STICK TO IT! (It’s that last big I have the problems with). 😀

    Sorry to hear about the headaches. Have you been having a lot of these recently? And .. do you take anything for them? Is it a prescribed medication or one that you’ve bought over the counter?
    Sending very gentle head and face massages, and making a big wish that your headaches cease. ❤ ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Aw, so glad I’ve been able to inspire you!
      Yes, sticking to a schedule is the hard part! It’s all well and good making one but it does no use if you can’t stick to it…which I really wish was easier to do! xD
      Just had a few days with a lot of headaches – bit annoying really! Think one of the days of headaches was because of a new scented candle my mom got. Sometimes really strong scented candles and perfumes just make my head throb! As for the other days, not sure. Could just have been coming down with something – nothing some standard Nurofen, a cup of tea and a nice soft pillow couldn’t handle xD Feeling much better now thankfully!

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