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Father’s Day Box Making

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I have a quick post for you today featuring a box that I made for Father’s Day a while back. Typically, I tend to use a lot of flowers and birds in my card and box making but it being Father’s Day, something a little bit more masculine for my dad’s taste was required.

     I’d spotted this really nice looking recessed gift box made by Crafty Caroline that I wanted to have a go at so I picked some suitable coloured card and paper and had at it. If you want to know how to make the box, definitely check out Caroline’s blog post and video but based on her box design, here’s what I came up with:

     The wood pattern paper is from a Docrafts Papermania 12×12 paper set that features loads of gorgeous wood patterns, some light and some dark. I absolutely love it – it’s great for making more masculine cards but also things in a shabby chic style. I picked out one of the darker wood patterns from the set and found a piece of 12×12 card to match.

     The paper itself isn’t double-sided but I wanted the pattern on both sides so I actually made the box with the pattern on the inside and used the pieces I’d cut off to line the outside of the box. It worked out pretty well and I love how it looks.

     A belly band isn’t necessary but I decided to add one with some of the leftover paper and stuck a small embellishment onto it.

     Overall – really happy with this box! I also just love the box design. The base and lid are made from card and the sides of it are doubled over to get a clean edge so it’s a really sturdy little box. I’ll definitely be keeping this box style on my list for future makes.

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Box Making

    1. Ya, I do love the papers but I’ve found them tricky for cards. I’ve mostly been using them for planner dividers and boxes. They definitely work well for boxes.

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