Stationery Wishlist

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well.

     Today I decided to write a post to justify the time I’ve spent browsing stationery online that I don’t need but nevertheless want.

     It’s mostly notebooks…I just want a lot of notebooks…

     Turns out there’s a lot of Filofax products I want such as the terrazzo Filofax, the beautiful white and green Filofax notebook and a  blue map these tablet cover. I also want some notebooks from Badly Made Books, a Cork based company. The notebooks with Cork scenery covers are so nice! I love the rainy dock one I added to my above collage. Also, they’re tagline is Badly Made Books …are rubbish. Because they’re made from rubbish. I love it.

     Less of the specific item really…I have a few Leuchtturm notebooks but I would love to someday have a rainbow collection of them. I also really want a notebook cover for my Leuchtturm. I’ve not found a specific one I want yet but as for other notebook covers, there’s an Etsy seller called ElrohirLeather whose leather journals have had as an Etsy favourite for a while and I really want one of them. I just think they look so nice.

     I did manage to veer away from notebooks for a bit, long enough to see that CMYK pen and decide I want it. It’s like those 4-in-1 pens you used to get in school but the inks in this are designed to layer (like printer ink) to create all the colours. If it works it could be a good pen for use in my planner. The last one is less of a stationery supply I want and really an art supply but I couldn’t help but add it to my wishlist because it’s something I’ve had as an Etsy favourite for a while and am always looking at, they’re handmade paint sets from a seller called JazperStardust. I just love that ocean set and autumn one. There’s also a twigs and leaves set, and a cat lovers set…oh so many! I don’t need more watercolour paints but I do love looking at sets.

     Okay, so yes. That’s what I’ve been doing – eyeing up stationery I don’t need! Always a fun way to spend a few hours, what’s on your stationery wishlist?

6 thoughts on “Stationery Wishlist

    1. That one’s been on my Etsy wishlist for so long – someday I’ll get it, even if it is just the A6 size because that’s all I can afford!


  1. Can never have too many notebooks! 🙌😂 The last one shown in your collage looks so beautiful ✨ I’m hoping to get some new pens for my bullet journal and Windsor & Newton watercolors so as to get into painting 😄. Hope you get what is on your Wishlist! 💕

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    1. Can’t go wrong with Windsor & Newton watercolours – I know I keep looking at different watercolour sets but I’ve had a set of W&N Cotman watercolours for years now do really like using them, they’re a great set!

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