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Decluttering WIPs

     Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you’re well.

     I was recently (and by recently, I mean about two months ago) tidying up parts of my room and clearing some space, space which had been taken up by boxes of miscellaneous yarn stuff. Several of those boxes included long, long forgotten about crochet WIPs that I needed to make some decisions about – namely, did I remember what the project was and will I ever finish it. In the end, I realised that I should really just declutter a lot of them and here’s what I decided to toss.

     First up on the chopping block was this African flower turtle I was making from leftover yarn. Yup, a turtle, that’s what that’s meant to be. I got a fair bit of the shell done and most of the flowers done – just had to join them and then crochet the body. I remember I did run out of the brown joining yarn though so I put the project away and then forgot about it. I don’t think I’d be able to just jump back into this project though because it’s a bit complicated to join all the flowers. I’d definitely have to start all over again (making sure I have the yarn I need!).

     These two balls of cotton yarn were meant to be amigurumi pieces. I crocheted a body and a leg and that’s it! Yeah, whatever amigurumi animal it was meant to be, it ain’t getting made! Too many other projects to focus on.

     And these piles of granny squares, well, they may look like they were intended for the same blanket but no, they were two different granny square blankets I planned, forgot about and then used the yarn in different projects! I’ve got plenty of other blankets to be working on so no need to stress myself out about these scraps.

     Actually, feels very nice getting rid of some lingering WIPs – feel I can focus more on what I want to do now versus what I wanted to do two years ago. Have you decluttered any projects recently?


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