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Crocheted Baskets

      Okay, so I have a new favourite thing to crochet – baskets!

      Crochet a basket? Really? I know, it sounded a bit weird to me at first seeing as I’m still pretty new to crocheting but crocheted baskets are fun to make! I’ve made a number recently.


     I learned how to crochet these baskets from watching one of Bella Coco’s video tutorials over on Youtube, this one in particular if you want to learn how to make these too (actually, I’ve learned most of what I know about crochet from her tutorials, they’re really good!). In the video, she made oval baskets but I just adjusted for circular.

     The first one I made was the grey pen pot:


     The yarn I used is some my twin got me for Christmas. I think she got it in a store called Søstrene Grene down in Cork. I used maybe half of a 50g ball of yarn for my pen pot and a 3mm hook…or else a 2.5mm one. I can’t remember, just that it was far too small! Typically I prefer chunky yarns and at least a 6mm hook!


     Despite my troubles with the hook size, it was a relatively quick make and it’s working quite well as a pen pot for all my black pens.

     Having enjoyed making the first basket, I moved onto basket number two but this time decided to use several balls of yarn together so I could use a bigger hook!


      I used one ball of the same yarn used in the first, but in pink, and two balls of a grey yarn that a dutch pen pal had sent me. I think the colours look quite nice together, though they may not be to everyones taste!


     I think I did use a 6mm hook for this and it was so much quicker to make! That’s probably why I prefer chunky yarns and hooks – much quicker to make things and I’m somewhat impatient! Anyone else feel that way?


     I made the basket as…well, a basket but it turns out that the size I made has a second use as a hat!

     Who doesn’t love a multi purpose object?

26 thoughts on “Crocheted Baskets

    1. Thanks! Bella Coco’s videos are great, aren’t they – so good for learning! She explains things really clearly and you can actually see what she’s doing (I’ve watched so many knitting and crochet videos where you can’t see a thing!)



    Aw Emma these are fabulous. They’d be great on a dressing table for combs, brushes, bits and bobs which always seem to gravitate to the dressing table… or is that just me? lol

    Love them. Well done you clever thing! ~ Cobs. x


  2. I think the pink one makes a great hat 😄 I haven’t done any crochet in ages, I went through a phase of making amigurumi – on the plus side you don’t have to worry about tension and sizing, on the downside they are quite small and need assembling…

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    1. Thanks! Definitely give making baskets a go because they’re really easy. It’s pretty much the same as just crocheting a circle but finishing up with a basket seems much more satisfying!

      Liked by 2 people

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