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Rainbow Waves Blanket

     Hello everyone – happy May! I hope spring/summer is treating you well in the northern hemisphere or if you’re in the southern  hemisphere that autumn/winter isn’t too harsh for you. In my last WIP update post I talked a bit about how I don’t have much crafting motivation at the moment so I’m not really making much at the moment. That’s something that future blogging me will have to deal with however because for now, I still have a few projects I finished weeks back to show you, like this rainbow blanket. Another rainbow blanket, you ask. Yes! But I different one to last time, as you can see.

     So, this blanket uses the same Cotton King Twirls yarn from Hobbii that the last rainbow blanket I made used but uses a different rainbow colour way (there’s quite a few in the range). This particular colour way is Galaxy Opal. It’s a more jewel toned bright/rainbow gradient whereas the other one was a pastel rainbow.

     So with the previous blanket I worked through one gradient/ball of yarn and then used the second, reversing back through the gradient. This time I worked with both yarn cakes at the same time, crocheting two rows of the wave pattern and then switching to the other cake for the opposite colours. I’m doing a terrible job at explaining it so maybe just look at this picture instead of the full length of the blanket.

     This more bright rainbow isn’t my favourite (everyone seems to prefer it but I like the pastel rainbow more) but I do like the effect of the stitch pattern. Although, wouldn’t be in a rush to do this again because I’m terrible at working from two balls of yarn at the same time – I’m just forever getting tangled!

     What do you think of this blanket though? Do you like the colours and stitch choice? What are your rainbow preferences: bright or pastel? Or maybe moody, stormy rainbow colours? (That’ll probably be the next rainbow blanket I work on…)


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