Crochet Pattern Declutter (giving stuff away)

     Hello lovely readers of this blog. This post won’t be for everyone but to any of my crochet readers, enjoy, as I would like to give away some crochet patterns!

     So I’ve been doing a little bit of a craft room clean up recently and realised I really need to do a bit of a pattern declutter. My folder was getting full so it was time to go through everything, keeping what I want and getting rid of all the patterns I know I’ll never make. So I’ve gone through all the magazines I have and cut out the pages with patterns I want to keep and while I could just recycle the magazines, there are some great patterns still in them – a lot of patterns actually as I’ve probably only taken out one per magazine (if even). I’d like to pass these patterns on to people who might actually make them.

     I have these Crochet Now and Inside Crochet Magazines that are full of great patterns:

     All these booklets from the Crochet Society boxes I got (there’s three patterns per booklet):

     And these little booklets of patterns that came with kits or magazines:

     Basically, if you’re interested in the look of any of these patterns or magazines, feel free to contact me about them and if no one else has claimed them, I can send them to you. It’s as simple as that! You don’t have to worry about postage (I’ll pay for it) and I’ll send things pretty much anywhere.

     For postage cost/weight issues, there will be a max limit of 3 Inside Crochet/Crochet Now magazines per package but that’s about it I think.

     You can email me at or contact me via Instagram @IdleEmma if you’re interested.

     Have a great day! 


One thought on “Crochet Pattern Declutter (giving stuff away)

  1. That’s super sweet of you. I can relate to getting patterns. I picked up a few back in my earlier days for inspiration. Now I can’t follow patterns to save my life. Lol.

    But I do hope they find a nice home and gets some love.

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