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Green Gradient Half Circle Shawl

     Hello my lovely readers, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well today.

     I have a very, very quick post today for you. I don’t have much to say about it other than look, a finished project! I finished another project! One I started months back mind you and then took a long break from but I finally got around to picking it up again.

     Okay, apologies for my awful photography for this one but I really couldn’t be arsed figuring out a nice set up at the moment.

Green Semi-Circle Gradient Shawl (1)    Anyway, nothing fancy about this shawl. I felt like making a half circle shawl instead of a triangle one so I did. I made up the patterning as I went with the chain space rows and kept going until I ran out of yarn.

    Actually, that last bit is a lie – I definitely had more of the solid black that would have covered a few more rows but I couldn’t figure out what kind of border I wanted and was also getting annoyed at the yarn at that point as it kept getting tangled in itself. So I just stopped crocheting and decided the shawl was done.

     Still don’t know what kind of border I’d have done. Any suggestions? What would you have done for the border of this shawl? Normally I’m doing borders on straight edges with increases in the corners so I don’t actually know what works best on a circle (or half circle in this case) as you have to keep the regular spaced increases in mind. Any suggestions for circle borders would be greatly appreciated for future projects!

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