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Some crochet for friends

     Hello lovely readers.

     Just a quick post today as I need to get this written quickly! I have some random crochet pieces I made for friends back in February that are finally reaching their destinations so I can show them here now.

     First up are these guys I made for my friend in Japan.

     So I believe it’s called Ebifurai No Shippo? It’s some sort of fried shrimp mascot thing…I just know that it’s something my friend loves and she has a big collection of stuffed toys of it. I’d asked her if there was anything she wanted me to make her and she sent me this pattern. It was a pretty easy, quick to make pattern so I ended up making two little figures as I also couldn’t decide which yarn colour worked best.

     Then I made a dice for my friend in New Zealand.

     It’s just a little oversized. It might not be functional but it’s soft and squishy! And wasn’t hard to make either – just gotta crochet a lot of triangles. I mean, about halfway through I was wishing I’d just done a D10 or something rather than a D20 but the end result made it worth it I think. I used some white acrylic yarn for the triangles and some handdyed orange and pink  yarns for the embroidered numbers and joining as I thought they’d really pop against the white.

    I’m not sure if that one has arrived yet – I sent it out the same time as the package for Japan and things to Japan and New Zealand take a similar amount of time so I’m hoping it’s arrived and not gone missing (because damn postage costs a lot sometimes!).

     I don’t have photos of it but I did also crochet a D4 for my kitten as she kept trying to steal the D20 but turns out she’s not interested in what I made her and was much more interested in just robbing stuff.

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